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Q. What blend would you recommend for my panic attacks?
A. Many people love the uplifting, calming and de-stressing effects of Uplift and Neroli Calm but equally, Clarity can be very helpful to give almost a sharp snap to break a racing anxious mind.

Q. What blend could help me sleep?
A. Our special sleep blend called Slumber is an absolute sleep gift for so many customers who message us in their droves to let us know how Slumber has changed their sleep and therefore their lives.

Q. What would you recommend for my family to get the best from any blend?
A. Our Complete experience sets means you can enjoy the blend to its maximum benefits, as you can have the Reed Diffuser constantly infusing your room with its scent, you can get a quick, extra but long-lasting burst with our scent lingering, Room & Pillow Sprays and then a lovely evening (or day) with the comforting glow and therapeutic benefits of the 220g toxin free soy wax candle.

Q. When my oil runs out of my bracelet/car diffuser can I buy the oils on their own?
A. Yes, the oils can be purchased on their own in any blend in two sizes 10ml and 30ml.

Q. As you are up to half the price of your competitors, do you really contain pure essential oil and no artificial perfumes or scents?
A. Yes, we created Lock & Latch initially for ourselves as we felt strongly the need to use essential oils daily in our lives, but the price of products from similar companies meant this would have been very costly for a family, plus many of these companies add ingredients which meant their products such as Reed Diffusers lasted only sometimes 4 weeks, meaning costly replacements were needed regularly, our products we continually work at to improve therapeutic benefits and longevity 

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