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No.5 Forever June

FOREVER JUNE is our most complex blend yet and took so long for us to perfect, it's the scent of a freshly cut bouquet of flowers but with all the therapeutic benefits of some of the most costly essential oils, RoseNeroli and Jasmine being at its heart along with BergamotYlang YlangSandalwood and a hint of pure, natural Vanilla oil. A truly decadent, highly scented (floral) blend to help induce confidence & happiness amongst a host of other benefits, (Forever June is not aimed as an imitation scent, but as an amazing smelling but therapeutic blend that stands by itself, although many customers remark how alike it is to Chanel No5).

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No.5-FOREVER JUNE Atomiser Mist

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No.5-FOREVER JUNE Reed Diffuser

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No.5-FOREVER JUNE Soy Candles

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No.5-FOREVER JUNE Pure Essential Oil Blend

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