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As a busy family in a modern world, anxiety causing events are commonplace. We have found from personal experience that repeatedly ignoring the effects on our minds and bodies of this stress and not taking time out to Pause and Reset had a hugely detrimental effect and inevitably takes its toll on our physical and mental health, to combat this and make sure we take some time out for a little self-care we created an affordable range of therapeutic essential oil blends in a growing range of products.

Lock & Latch came about when my husband in 2017 suffered an adrenal fatigue breakdown, we began to blend oils specifically to ease many of his symptoms such as - anxiety attacks, fatigue, brain fog and insomnia (helping to complement not replace his medical treatment) and found them extremely effective. Visitors remarked on how our home was beautifully scented and felt like a spa and asked for products for themselves, thus Lock & Latch began and grew.... 

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