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Two things that makes us happy!

Two things that makes us happy? 

1) We love our job, we feel so fortunate that we’re able to light our high quality therapeutic  candles throughout our home anytime we want (basically all day!)  

But do you know what we’re even happier about?.... 

2) Choosing a low profit margin so our high quality products are available even for the tightest  budget!  

We chose this path as when Hubby (Mr Lock & Latch) had an adrenal fatigue breakdown a few  years ago (I wasn’t working at the time as I was a full-time home schooling mum) our main bread  winner was gone!  

The confliction for us was the fact we knew aromatherapy around the home really helped, but our  usual go to brands NEOM & ESPA were suddenly financially out of our reach so we researched  and tested for days and weeks to see how/if we could make our own. 

The bar had been set high though as we only wanted to use essential oils, natural oils, no nasty  chemicals, no added perfume or colours. 

We wanted and needed toxin free products that would be supportive to our immune system and  therapeutic too. We also insisted we use the highest amount of pure essential oils possible. Plus  let’s not forget-we wanted these bespoke blends to smell incredible too!! 

A tall order we know, but after many many hours our trialing, researching and testing we finally did  it, and the continual beautiful feedback we get every day let’s us know happily we actually ticked  every box we had, and more... 

Our prices start from as little as £3.50! We give free delivery on orders £40 & over, although our  P&P is only ever £4.50 anyway. Plus we now automatically send you a free tote bag for orders £50  and over. Why not give us a try?  

We’ve been featured in VOGUE, TATLER (3 times) VEGAN LIFE & VEGETARIAN LIVING  magazines.  

There is also a One use discount code Vogue10 to use at checkout for 10% off.

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