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Dear Sleep



Dear sleep I’m sorry I hated you I was a child. 

Right now I love you very much and I cherish every moment with you 

How many of us adults feel this way ,how could we have ever hated sleep? Also  how did we ever stay up partying (and enjoying it) into the small hours and then  actually function the next day!  

This week I’m having a snuggle-in as long as possible with my pillow, especially  when it smells of Blend No.9-TRANQUILITY What about you? Love sleep or only  sleep cause you have to? (Think I could guess your age from your answers...) 

Anyhow...if you’re having trouble calming your busy brain for some relaxing .have you tried any of our 3 blends in the WELLNESS RANGE Blends to SLEEP?  Read on for their description... 

Blend No3-SLUMBER is our Sleepy blend of pure essential oils to capture the  sedative effect of a field of fresh Lavender right in your own home. We have  delicately blended the essential oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and pure, natural  Vanilla oil to help promote restful, relaxing, natural, restorative deep sleep.  

Blend No8-RECHARGE designed for the men in our lives, but will equally be  enjoyed by women. It is a warming and sedative blend of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang,  Bergamot & Lemongrass. Warming and sedative scent, this blend works to promote  restful sleep. As it balances, calms and grounds your mind and body, it works to  soothe feelings of anger, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, and stress, whilst recharging  your energy and zest for life. 

Blend No9-TRANQUILITY for this blend we were requested to create a Provence  in France scented blend, that would evoke memories of walking through field of  Lavender and Jasmine, we are so happy with the result. Tranquility carefully blends  Lavender, Jasmine, Lemongrass and Neroli essential oils for a serene, uplifting blend  that helps you sleep peacefully. 

If you are not sure which blend you would find best why not try one of each in our  Wellness ‘Blends to Sleep’ trio of 30ml sprays. We also recommend switching  blends from time to time to stop what is called nose blindness-this is when your nose  gets so used to a fragrance that it doesn’t register it, changing the blend for a few days  (1-2 weeks is best) helps to avoid this happening. 

Happy snoozing 

Love Lock & Latch x

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  • Trudi

    Brilliant advice, can’t wait to try swapping my trio. Thank you.

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